About Growth

Our approach

We believe that the best way to deliver therapy services is in a client’s everyday environment. This is why we provide home, school, workplace and community visits. This allows us to assess a client in their natural environment and provide strategies which will be practical and effective on a daily basis. We believe that this approach provides the best outcomes for our clients.

We will work in partnership with you and your support team to identify which goals are important to you and plan an effective intervention. Your support team could include family members, your GP or specialist and other allied health professionals. We will use an individual approach which suits your needs and supports you to achieve your goals.

Tanya Kelly

Tanya is the physiotherapist at Growth. She has 15 years experience working with children and adults living with a developmental delay or disability in Perth.

Her past experience includes working with disability service organisations, private practice, hospital outpatients and child development services.

Tanya believes it's important to work in partnership with clients and their families to achieve their goals. This means working with clients in their usual places – at home, work, school or recreational facilities – and using the services and equipment they already have access to. This means that clients are set up to achieve their goals in a way that is sustainable and individualised to their needs.

Tanya Kelly